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ILLUS – Requiem for Adam

April 6, 2012

This is the first track off the brand new ILLUS cd- FOR ADAM, available everywhere now. Get your copy on iTUNES or get the limited edition physical autographed cd directly from ILLUS HERE!

Originally intended to be the first teaser video in the publicity campaign, Requiem for Adam was put on hold, and Brighter Day was released first to kick things off, followed by Born Criminal and Free. If you haven’t seen those videos yet- check ’em out!

Requiem for Adam
Written and Performed by ILLUS
Produced by J.J. Brown
Featuring cuts by DJ Johnny Juice

Video directed and photographed by John Morse for Boston Entertainment

Chout out to Pedal Power!


ILLUS – FREE (Official Video) featuring Homeboy Sandman and J.J. Brown

April 6, 2012

FREE is available on the brand new ILLUS cd- FOR ADAM available everywhere now.

Get autographed limited edition cds HERE!

Stay in touch and follow Illus On Twitter: @AdamWallenta

Written and performed by ILLUS and Homeboy Sandman w/J.J. Brown
Produced by J.J. Brown

Animation and Direction: Jackie Suskind
Illustrations by Adam ILLUS Wallenta

ILLUS – Born Criminal

April 6, 2012

Born Criminal is available on the brand new ILLUS cd- FOR ADAM available everywhere including iTUNES.

Get autographed limited edition cds HERE!

Stay in touch and follow Illus On Twitter: @AdamWallenta

Written and performed by ILLUS
Produced by J.J. Brown
Co-Produced by ILLUS

Director: Iain Marcks
Camera Crew: LaClair and Mark Gong and Iain Marx

ILLUS – BRIGHTER DAY featuring Craig G, Reef the Lost Cauze and Block McCloud

April 6, 2012

Brand new single off of the 2011 ILLUS album- FOR ADAM is available on iTUNES and everywhere digital music is sold. Get limited edition autographed physical copies

Written and Performed by Illus, Craig G, Reef the Lost Cauze and Block McCloud.
Produced by J.J. Brown for 5G Productions

Extra Special Thanks to Isaiah Sharif for bringing your light and positive energy to this video.

Special thanks to Luis Valbuena and Well Done Entertainment

ILLUS and Headsnack- The Mask (Phontastix Phan-Boy Phon-X Regeneration Remix) Official Video

April 6, 2012

The video starts off the same as the original but once the beat drops you know you are getting a whole new experience. We also shot a couple of new scenes exclusively for this video so make sure to watch all the way through.

Order the New Limited Edition ILLUS cd- FOR ADAM

April 4, 2011

You can now order a limited edition copy of the brand new ILLUS cd- FOR ADAM at his online SHOP. Make you order now and get a FREE copy of the limited edition THE MASK maxi-single and last year’s Feel Good Music.

All cds are signed by ILLUS.

FOR ADAM Track Listing and Guests

1. Requiem For Adam (w/DJ Johnny Juice on the cuts)
2. Unstoppable featuring Freddie Foxxx and Paul Dateh (w/DJ Johnny Juice on the cuts)
3. Red Dawn
4. Born Criminal
5. Free featuring Homeboy Sandman
6. Brighter Day featuring Craig G, Reef the Lost Cauze and Block McCloud
7. Better featuring Gift of Gab and Paul Dateh
8. Sons and Daughters featuring Eternia, Wordsworth and Erin Barra
9. R.I.F. featuring Paul Dateh
10. Make Some Noize

ILLUS: Electronic Press Kit

February 27, 2010


ILLUS has been recording music and illustrating comics since 1991 (selling over 250,000 records with no airplay or record label deal), recording and touring with such legends as Chuck D and Public Enemy, DJ Johnny Juice, R.A. the Rugged Man, Dilated Peoples and Blackalicious, and garnering praise from the likes of Wendy Day and numerous HIPHOP legends. But he has reached a whole new level of excellence with his new album- FEEL GOOD MUSIC produced by J.J. Brown. Feel Good Music is a 7-song opus that displays the passion, soul and heart of the artist with a true feel-good HIPHOP vibe. ILLUS is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve as he raps about his love for his wife, family and friends as well as the microphone and the culture that inspired the man. FEEL GOOD MUSIC is more than just nostalgia or a dedication to all of the great HIPHOP pioneers, it is a true modern day classic that captures the essence of all that is good about HIPHOP music and brings it to light in the modern age.


Listen and Buy

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Available now at the following locations:







Official OLD FRIENDS video

Official BEAUTIFUL DAY video

Official FEEL GOOD MUSIC video

Fiona Bloom’s EFFICACY: A Personal Interview with ILLUS